Saturday, June 12, 2010

moo cows

A drawing of cows in the Pyreness above Rita and Danilos house. Its one of my favourite places in the world. Maybe it is my favourite place in the world.

more sketchbook pages

These are some more pages from a sketchbook. Drawing of Hector and Gustavo in January 2010 and drawings of London from 2007 to 2010

Gower peninsula March 2010

I went with Hal from my studio to the Gower peninsula in March 2010. we were a bit unlucky with the weather as it rained a lot and my paper fell apart nearly. This wreck of a boat was interesting sunk in the sand.

pages from sketchbook drawings of chacahua new year 09-10

These are drawings in my sketchbook done over New year 2010 when I went to chacahua in Mexico on the Oaxacan coast with Gustavo, Monica, Adan the viking and Tomas.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heads, work in progress

I've been drawing these heads for the past two months. They are drawings in which I've used the head as a recognisable thing to play with in terms of drawing.

Drawing workshops june, july, august

I really have been very bad indeed at maintaining this blog.

I've been doing drawing workshops with my friend Mike Powell for various groups of people in and around Stokes Croft and St. Pauls in Bristol. This started from drawing in the street in Stokes Croft last year and applying to the Bristol Arts council for funding to run workshops for people who might not have so much chance to draw or might think they can't draw. The basic idea of the workshops is that anyone can draw, its a decision you make. If you decided to do something enough you then practise it and start to get involved in it and develop your skills and interest. There aren't any rules for drawing. So we started about three weeks ago and are doing the workshops until the end of August. We want to play drawing games, get people drawing outside, using different drawing materials and coming up with innovative ways to use them, drawing and developing themes, and ultimately enjoying drawing. We intend to have a group exhibition of work chosen by the students at the end of the project so everyone can hang out in one space meet each other and enjoy each others work.We are running workshops in the Big issue office for vendors of the magazine, kids n St Pauls in the Full Circle room and Somalian adults and teachers in Amana St.Pauls. we are also running a drop in drawing session for the general public in the Emporium every Saturday at 12pm til 2pm.